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RENU PRO™ Professional
Automotive Trim Restorer –
1.75 oz. Retail Kit #RPK175

Restores Automotive TrimProduct for Automobiles

  1. RENU PRO™ restores chalky faded bumpers, running boards, mirrors and fender flares to their original deep luster.
  2. Easy to use: Simply wipe on all faded oxidized trim.
    Wipe off to RENU PRO™
  3. RENU PRO does NOT contain wax or silicone. Provides a durable protective coating lasting up to 12 months.

Each 1.75 oz. ReNu Pro Retail Kit comes with:

  • 1.75 ounce bottle of ReNu Pro Auto Trim Restorer
  • 1 pair of application gloves
  • 2 application pads
  • 1 finishing cloth

Top Rated Product - Independently tested and recommended by famous consumer advocacy group

A major conusmer product testing group rated ReNu Finish as a top performing automotive trim restoration product. It outperformed other products in a 10 week test for appearance and durability. Read how ReNu Pro stacks up against the competition on the on-line original article.

Hard plastic trim pieces fade and oxidize over time. Exterior plastic develops a faded, grey, or chalky appearance, making the vehicle cosmetically unappealing. Dealers pay vendors hundreds of dollars to improve the appearance of the trim work. Painting requires taping and masking the surrounding areas and will often 'flake' off in a very short time. Other products are equally time consuming. Test results have shown the majority of these coatings will peel off the plastic over time. Silicone products are effective up to the second lot wash, if you get lucky. Often these products run, streaking and staining the vehicle paint.

RENU PRO™ is a proven product to treat and restore a variety of hard plastic surfaces exposed to the elements. There is no need for masking or spray guns.

RENU PRO™ simply wipes on to treat and restore faded plastic. Curing is almost instantaneous with a quick swipe of a clean applicator pad. Easily wipe away excess drips or runs on painted surfaces with a mild detergent or window cleaner. No equipment or other supplies are required. Repair vehicles where they stand.

RENU PRO™ is wax and silicone free making it body shop and spot painter friendly. RENU PRO™ provides an extremely durable finish that cleans and restores the look of exterior plastic. A RENU PRO™ application will keep plastic trim looking and new for up to a year or more. RENU PRO™ applies easily and requires minimal training.

One bottle of RENU PRO™ will restore an average of 10 cars. There are exceptions, especially early models of the Chevrolet Avalanche and Cadillac Escalade. One bottle will cover one of these vehicles.

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ReNu Pro Professional Automotive Trim Restorer - 1.75 oz Kit

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ReNu Pro Professional Automotive Trim Restorer - 1.75 oz Kit ReNu Pro restores faded automotive trim to a factory finish ReNu Pro restores faded automotive trim to a factory finish ReNu Pro restores faded automotive trim to a factory finish

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