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BLAST – Fast-Acting Commercial Deodorizer #BLJ12

Eliminates OdorsProduct for AutomobilesFor BoatsProduct for RVsProduct for PetsFor Law Enforcement

  1. Patented Technology
  2. EPA Registered
  3. Laboratory and Field Tested
  4. Professional Grade
  5. Easy to Use
  6. Controlled Release
  7. Superior Odor Removal

The MEDS deodorization process is effective in automobiles, RVs and boats. The primary ingredient in BLAST is known to eliminate odors caused from pets, smoke, water damage and organic compounds. The active-oxidant released upon merging the separated BLAST granules is a proven remedy to sources of most odors*.

Since 2002, BLAST has been tested and proven to be an effective and affordable odor elimination process. Successful deodorization has been achieved with the stench caused by smoke, pets (including feline urine), water damage and even dead fish!* Our customers are amazed by the timely process and relieved to find an effective and permanent deodorization system !

BLAST is not a mask. The active-oxidant permeates the entirety of the passenger area to accomplish successful deodorization. Due to the complete infiltration of the compartment, BLAST continues to leave a clean, fresh scent within the treated area.

Depending on the severity of the odor, BLAST will usually deodorize a passenger cabin within 1 to 2 hours. A few easy steps will provide an odor free environment.

In laboratory and field trials, the MEDS active-oxidant has proven effective in the elimination of 95% of all odors.

*Rarely, we may encounter chemical compounds where the MEDS solution will not perform the required task. Mothball odor is an example of one obstacle to the BLAST process.

MEDs BLAST Fast-Acting Commercial Deodorizer

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