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Restores Automotive Headlights Product for Automobiles Product for RVs  

  1. RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL provides fast results and improved lens clarity.
  2. RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL cleans and seals plastic lenses protecting headlights up to a year.
  3. RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL is an easy-to-use two-step process eliminating taping and buffing.

Each RESTOREM Professional Headlight Renewal Pak comes with:

  1. 12 Red Foil Packages Labeled Step One
  2. 12 Blue Foil Packages Labeled Step Two
  3. 7 Piece of Finishing Film

Plastic headlights become cloudy and yellowed for a variety of reasons: environmental conditions, chemicals, acid rain or oxidization. Traditional restoration methods have included wet sanding and buffing using a variety of products. In some cases, the restoration process can take as long as an hour. Using a buffer increases the risk of burning the paint or plastic surrounding the headlight. Buffing causes the plastic lens to cloud within a short period. Buffing opens the pores in the plastic, exposing the lenses to increased contamination. Most processes will not protect the lens with a finishing coat. Operator error can provide inconsistent results. Typically, a vendor can repair two sets per hour with an average billing of $45 to $65 per set.

RESTOREM PROFESSIONAL is only a two-step process and eliminates the need for buffing. Repair both headlights in 2 to 3 minutes! A vendor can easily do 10 sets of headlights per hour. The product requires no additional equipment. Repairs are performed where the vehicle sits. Step 1 cleans the lens and provides a preview to the finished product. Step 2 provides a lasting sealant protecting the headlights for up to a year. RESTOREM PROFESSIONAL is a quick and consistent method of plastic lens restoration. It is an excellent revenue source for vendors. Dealers can perform this service? saving an average of $35 to $55 per car!

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RESTOREM  Professional Headlight Renewal Kit


RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL restores clouded automotive headlights RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL protects headlights for up to a year RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL is an easy two step process RESTOREM™ PROFESSIONAL iproves headlight clarity

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